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School-Based Services

August through June

Service Overview

Are you a school special education administrator looking for a comprehensive and curated library resource to support your students and special education staff? Look no further! Our curated library resource provides access to a wide range of materials specifically tailored to the needs of special education programs. From lesson plans, ideas and instructional materials to research articles and best practices, our library resource has everything you need to enhance the learning experience for students with special needs.

By having access to our curated library resource, school administrators can stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field, access evidence-based interventions, and collaborate with other professionals to share resources and strategies. Our resource is designed to streamline the process of finding relevant and high-quality materials, saving you time and effort in searching for resources across multiple platforms.

Empower your special education program with the tools and resources it needs to succeed. Sign up for a free demo on the RCG Curated Library Resource today and take your program to the next level!

Contact Anu Upadhyaya, School Support Services Program Director

School Base Services helps schools with:

  • Disruptive behavior taken over the classrooms?
  • Would your special education teachers benefit from more classroom support and training?
  • Are your new teachers listing classroom behaviors as one of their greatest challenges?
  • Is a concern in your school’s equity in education?
  • Would you like to have more successful student outcomes?

We are here to HELP. RCG now offers Evaluation and Planning, Training, Behavior Consultation, and Intervention.