School Preparatory

School Preparatory Program

Year Round

Service Overview

Program is geared to prepare children between the ages of 2-6 diagnosed with Autism the opportunity to be in an enriched learning environment that promotes the development of communication, school readiness, independence and social skills. The program is designed to promote success across many natural environments including but not limited to home, school and the community.

  • Our goal is to develop and build foundation skills needed to ensure success in a classroom type setting by providing structured opportunities to gain exposure to a variety of learning opportunities that will promote mastery and generalization of important functional skills.
  • Our goal for our parents and guardians is to provide access to information and opportunities for ongoing family training and networking related to evidence based practices, generalizing skills across environments and community resources.
  • We introduce academic concepts and follow a classroom daily schedule that is full of transitions, peer interactions and opportunities to learn about themed related topics that are customized to each child’s individualized curriculum and goals.

What is Offered?

  • Circle Time (i.e. Hello song, Calendar, Daily/Visual Schedules, etc.)
  • Centers (Large Group and Small Group Activities)
  • Daily Living Activities (Self-Care Routines-toileting, snack, etc.)​
  • Teacher Directed Activities (Art, Following Directions, etc.)
  • 1:1 Individualized Instruction
  • Peer Engagement Activities (Games, Turn-Taking, Conversations)
  • Promote and Develop Effective Communication and Social Skills
  • Development of Personal Independence
  • Bi-weekly Field Trips / Community Exposure