Melina Boyette
Program & Operations Leadership

Melina Boyette

Human Resource Coordinator

Melina started working at Recognizing Children’s Gifts in 2019 where she began as a Registered Behavior Technician in RCG’s Life Prep program. Now, Melina serves as RCG’s HR Coordinator where she supports the HR Department in the development and implementation of HR initiatives, policies, and procedures, as well as supports the entire life cycle of a team member. Melina also leads the Culture Committee in building a thriving culture focused on celebrating strengths, unlocking potential, and creating an environment where all team members feel respected, valued, and included.

Outside of work, Melina is an active member of the community and enjoys volunteering with local organizations that focus on therapeutic recreation, inclusive sports and recreation, and animal welfare. In between work and volunteering, Melina enjoys spending quality time with loved ones, immersing herself in nature, and traveling to learn about different cultures.

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