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Program & Operations Leadership

Leo Rodriguez

Business Operations Analyst

Leo Rodriguez is the Business Operations Analyst at RCG, renowned for his strategic prowess and dedication to continuous self-improvement. A bilingual visionary from Venezuela, Leo distinguished himself as the inaugural college graduate in his family, achieving honors. His educational journey is marked by a Bachelor’s degree, several Master’s degrees, and a rich tapestry of postgraduate and doctoral-level studies across various disciplines. His expertise is further amplified by his certification as a Salesforce administrator, a credential that bolsters his ability to drive meaningful contributions at RCG and expand his reach across multiple industries.

Leo’s professional narrative is characterized by versatility, having embraced roles ranging from educator in secondary and tertiary education to key positions in non-profit entities, administrative support, and customer service leadership. His endeavors are deeply rooted in his Christian faith, fueling a mission to serve others. At RCG, Leo’s focus is on enhancing the well-being of families and team members through his adeptness in data and operations analysis.

Beyond his professional commitments, Leo prioritizes a well-rounded lifestyle, demonstrated by his completion of five triathlons, including an Olympic-distance event and four sprint competitions. Family time is paramount for Leo, who delights in bonding over cartoons and films with his wife and sons. Driven by an insatiable appetite for learning, he continually seeks new knowledge and experiences, with a special affinity for Logos software for personal enrichment. Leo’s comprehensive skill set, combined with his passion for advancement, renders him an invaluable contributor to any venture.




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