Program & Operations Leadership

Jordan Butler

Mentor Therapist

Jordan is RCG’s Mentor Therapist, a Safety Care Trainer, and a member of RCG’s Culture Committee. Jordan has been working in the field of ABA since 2015 and has treasured working closely with children and adults with special needs since 2008. She has a Special Education degree from JMU and is a Registered Behavior Technician. Prior to joining RCG in 2019 as a Behavior Therapist, she has provided and loved ABA therapy in school, center, and home environments. She is passionate about providing meaningful therapy to children and their families. Over the years, her passion grew to include having an impact on therapists learning and growing in the field of ABA. Jordan loves her role of supporting and training both new team members as well as existing therapists and working closely with the entire RCG team.

She is a social butterfly who loves building relationships! She enjoys spending free time with her family and friends. Her favorite colors are purple and teal. She loves to organize and decorate, and she is fascinated by animals and nature!

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