Life Preparatory Program (Adult Services)

Constructed to offer social, vocational, and personal enrichment opportunities to young adults (ages 16-21) diagnosed with autism. The program will provide a combination of center based programming, community engagement, and college or vocational preparation.  The Life Prep program will utilize person centered planning, and will promote self-advocacy, community involvement, and personal fulfillment. The services offered by RCG are designed to increase client participation in center and community activities that are identified and defined by the family and client, and to support engagement opportunities with the ultimate goal of enhancing the client’s quality of life.

Life Prep Structure

Each client attending the Life Prep program will receive one-to-one ABA therapy from a highly trained therapist. All therapists will utilize the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to encourage social interaction and to promote independence, self-advocacy, and personal fulfillment.  Each client will have an individualized behavior plan to help target and reduce problem behavior. Clients will follow a daily schedule which will include center based programming and community engagement.

Key program components:

  • Daily Living Skills
  • Person centered planning
  • Promoting independence and self advocacy
  • Job interview practice
  • Community engagement opportunities at grocery stores, gyms, restaurants, etc.
  • Family involvement and participation
  • Natural environment teaching in both our center and in the community
  • Exploring recreational and vocational interests
  • Engagement with typically developing peers
  • Personal fulfillment opportunities and coursework